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March 24, 2007

So this is very nice project. I could participate but I did not had time… Anyway don’t expect any map with layers:-).


Manual editing of .map file –

March 23, 2007

Yeah, it is a pain, especially when you have more layers. But it is not MapServer’s fault, since you have to put a lot of information in there!

For WMS and probably for other services, if you don’t put in LAYER’s tag METADATA line “ows_extent”, mapserver keeps computing the extent every time you make a getcapabilities request. You cannot put EXTENT tag into the LAYER only, because strange things happen – seems that depends on the datasource, when the LatLonBoundingBox tag appears. With “ows_extent” this everything OK. Mapserver 4.10

Next time I will have to write some .map manually I will generate it with some simple script!

yet another mapserver web client

March 21, 2007

Italian people do go on!

how to use tiles in mapping

March 20, 2007

The answer is, I don’t know, except using gdaltindex. But, I know place where they know:

I hope to add some comments later and hope this helps out there.


WKT to proj conversion

March 20, 2007

Lately I have searched hard something I had in front of my eyes: I wanted to convert WKT text to proj4 definition. Search for “wkt2proj” didn’t really made it:-) But I found it, it’s name is testepsg and is part of gdal/ogr. It is not present in default build, but i.e. FWTools has it.

It basically converts WKT stored in .prj file into more formats: formated WKT, simplified WKT, old WKT and finally proj4 text.

testepsg ESRI::tmp/mywkt.prj

Hope it helps!