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From ESRI SDE to GeoTools

April 23, 2007

I am currently rewriting one spatially enabled application, that uses SDE now. I will pass it to GeoTools 2.3 that we could work towards PostGIS and later more data sources. Looking forward to have GDAL bindings in GT!
It will be a long way. To be continued…


Flash Earth

April 23, 2007

Again, client of Google Maps, Viesual Earth and others. Nice interaction, although a bit short of funcionality.. But, obiously Paul Nieve likes just playing with flash – nice toy!


April 23, 2007

Hm, nice vector highlighting!! And, nice project!


April 16, 2007

You sure know a lot of google maps and earths. This page uses google and wms servers to the maximum. Nice thigs is that they offer you wms servers available for current zone.