deleting SDE layers in MS SQL, let’s click!

OK, it is about ESRI, but in real world we often have to work with commercial sw.  For example, I am working with SDE 8.2, upon an MS SQL 2000. Here, when I want to delete a layer from a databse, I use sdelayer command.

sdelayer -o delete -l spatialtable,Shape -i 5151 -s host -D db -u user -p pass

However, this command does not delete all the layer (!) . Reason: since you are forced to specify a column i the -l option, only this “Shape” spatial column registrys are deleted (from internal SDE database and shape tables). The rest of data remains. You have to remove them manually by clicking – this explains the title.

Note: I am no expert on ESRi, there can be some other commands. Let me know in this case.


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